First run

This document describes the preparations and the first start of B3. You’ll need the following:

  • Database
  • Access to your game server

Database Setup

B3 currently only supports MySQL and SQLite databases. We recommend the use of MySQL. For small installations SQLite may be sufficient. If you want to use SQLite, then once is nothing more to do.

  1. Create a new MySQL database for B3 (see mysql-tools)

  2. Import the table structure

    On the database you just created, import the b3.sql file located in b3/docs/ to create the tables and insert the initial values in your database.

    Use your favorite database management tool again or the following command.

    mysql -u root -p<mysql password> b3 b3.sql


B3 main config file is called b3.xml by default. If you run the bot straight away, it will detect you did not properly setup the main config file and will walk through a config wizard where each setting is prompted with a short description.

Alternatively, you can use our online configuration generator.

Detailed configuration options can be found in the manual. For game-specific configuration and alternative scenarios visit to our forums.

Running B3

You can run B3 from the command line when you’ve installed it as a source install or python egg.

python ./

Windows users who use the binary package, will find a shortcut.

With command line parameters can influence the behavior of B3. An overview of all parameters can be found in the manual.

Become Super Admin

After successfully installing and configuring your B3 bot you’ll start B3 for the first time. B3 will check if there are any SuperAdmins in your database. If not, B3 will enable the !iamgod command for the first player typing it in game.

So, it is wise to go in game immediately after starting B3 and typing !iamgod in chat, it will register you as the SuperAdmin and disable the !iamgod command.